Replacing an old ceiling fan can enhance the mood and atmosphere of a home and reduce breathing-related issues caused by the turning of dusty fan blades.

If you have a new ceiling fan that needs to be installed in your home, follow this guide on installing a new ceiling fan on your own!

Your Tools

You will need to secure a sturdy ladder so that you can comfortably reach the spot where the old ceiling fan was removed. Additionally, to install a new ceiling fan, you may need:

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·    A stud finder

·    Insulating foam

·    Insulation tape.

·    Socket wrench

·    Wire stripper

·    Wire nuts

·    Screwdriver

Additionally, you will want to be sure to turn off the electricity to the fan. If you can’t locate the specific fuse, ask a local electrician in Inglewood, CA to turn off the power to your home for you.

Old Fan

To remove the old ceiling fan from your home, you must first disconnect it from the electric wires. You can do this by unscrewing and removing the metal plate that is holding them together.

Then, dismantle your existing fan by unscrewing all of its screws. Remember to provide support at all times to the old ceiling fan so it does not fall on your head.

You may need to jiggle the old fan a bit to loosen it from its socket.

New Ceiling Fan

Begin by installing the screws that are included in your ceiling fan package into the wall. You should secure them at least 12 inches apart to have a sturdy installation.

At this time, you can also put insulation foam between the bottom of the new ceiling fan and your wall to ensure no gaps that insects or moisture can enter.

After installing the new ceiling fan, run the wires through the wall at least six inches and be sure to secure them with wire nuts.

Once your new ceiling fan has been installed, turn on your electricity and enjoy your brand-new addition!